A few words about the breed …( ©The Clumber Spaniel Club, UK)

Firstly, the Clumber is a very large spaniel with dogs reaching a weight of 36 kgs and bitches 29.5 kgs.
Considering its weight the Clumber is very active, and the wholly characteristic ”Clumber roll” is a movement typical of this breed, coming from the combination of a driving hind action with broad heavy shoulders.
A Clumber is always white with lemon or orange markings, the colour being mainly on the head, sometimes with patches or flecking meagrely spread on the body and legs.
Other noticeable characteristics pertaining to Clumbers are their thoughtful kindly expression, large square and massive head, and eyes showing ”haw”, which is to say that the lower eyelid is somewhat loose.
In the post-war years, until the mid 1960’s, the Clumber went into a decline in popularity when its fate was in the hands of a few dedicated breeders who managed to maintain the excellent qualities of the breed.
Today we are experiencing a steady resurgence of interest in the big white spaniels from shooting and show people, and from others who seek a true and faithful companion with a sense of humour and a great character.


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