A few words about the breed … ©The London Cocker Spaniel Society, UK)

Spaniels have been known for centuries, but by 1893 the Cocker Spaniel itself was recognized by the Kennel Club as a separate breed. It has been bred over the years to a particular specification - the Breed Standard.
There are many different colours known within the breed. Cockers are loveable and loving and loyal to their owners. They are active and merry by nature and happy to join in family fun.
A Cocker should weigh between 13 and 14.5kg, with dogs reaching a maximum of 41cm), bitches slightly less. They are often greedy and feeding should be controlled and tit-bits restricted.
If you wish to become a Cocker owner you must be prepared to care for its coat. While the glamorous, silky show dog looks attractive, its preparation requires a lot of effort. You will need to brush and comb your dog regularly (preferably daily) and if you are unable to cope with the trimming - particularly of feet and ears - you will need to take it to a professional groomer four or more times a year.
Regular exercise is important for the health of the dog and can benefit the owner too. Cockers can be self-willed, but with patience can be trained for a variety of activities such as obedience and agility, and their particular qualities have made them useful as ”assistance” or ”sniffer” dogs.
Many can be satisfactorily trained to the gun, but there is a divide between the show and working strains. Those of working parentage may differ considerably in appearance from your expectations. The emphasis in breeding them will have been more on ability than looks.
It is important to ascertain prior to purchase whether the strain has the attributes likely to fulfil your requirements. Much then will depend on the future rearing, training and general upbringing of the dog, which are all your responsibility.


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