A few words about the breed …( ©The Field Spaniel Society, UK)

One of the handsomest and possibly most noble looking of all the Spaniel varieties, the Field Spaniel has had a chequered career since the breed evolved some 150 years ago.
As they have become better known, so has the popularity of the Field Spaniel increased, but many of those enquiring for one of the breed to own as a pet and companion have never seen one outside the pages of a book, and so have no idea of the character of the breed or what is involved in the keeping and training of a Field.
The Field Spaniel is a true country man, active tireless, inquisitive, apt to be noisy and, if not kept fully employed, destructive. He is not a dog for a city-dweller, or for those out at work all day who mean to leave him shut indoors alone for hours on end.
This is a loving sensitive breed, who likes to be with people and to take part in all that is going on, although he is a good kennel dog as long as he has ample living space, a large run and a companion to play with. They are not naturally obedient nor are they quick learners, but have to be taught firmly but gently from an early age what they may do and not do..
Do not imagine that because your dog obeys you one day, he will do so the next. A Field really needs to know his lessons well before he can be entirely trusted to carry out your bidding and even then, such is his sense of fun and desire to make everyone laugh, he will forget all he has been taught and do something quite absurd.
The Field Spaniel is a true dual purpose spaniel, and those winning on the bench perform equally well in the shooting field. If started young and trained sensibly and slowly, the large majority of the breed take readily to work. An excellent rough shooter's dog with a keen nose, willingness to face the heaviest cover, excellent in water and utterly tireless.


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