A few words about the breed …( ©The UK Irish Water Spaniel Association)

The Irish Water Spaniel revels in human company; its exuberant nature can be appreciated in the show ring, the shooting field, the obedience and agility rings and around the home.
A medium sized breed with an active mind, they give of their best when living as part of a family. As a general rule, the breed is best suited to those with previous dog experience and bitches can be easier than dogs in their formative years.
Two things are certain; the person who owns an Irish Water Spaniel is never without a topic for conversation, or a friend.
Originally bred as a wildfowling dog, working on the marshes, bogs and estuaries of its native Ireland, the Irish Water Spaniel can be adapted for many forms of work. They are responsive, equipped with an excellent nose, eyesight and hearing.
Irish Water Spaniels have natural instincts that make them suitable for all types of shooting; they have been used as drug and explosives detector dogs; they have competed in agility, working trials and obedience and worked as PAT and therapy dogs.
Irish Water Spaniels are slower to mature than some other breeds, they can be headstrong and wilful, needing a firm but fair and patient owner who will need to gain the dog’s respect before it will give of its best. If over trained they become easily bored and stubborn.
At home the Irish Water Spaniel is known for its endearing nature and companionable qualities. It is endlessly resourceful in its ability to play and amuse itself and others.
They are good family and housedogs.
A breed with a sense of humour !


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